Conference aims


The concept

Sustainable Energy Finance and Investment Summit CROENERGY 2013 aims to identify ways of financing renewable energy projects using innovative financial instruments. At the same time, the programme will highlight the importance of regional co-operation by promoting energy efficiency investments. Regional cooperation in South-East Europe is essential, regardless of different stages of EU integration of countries within the region. Stability, prosperity and the security of this new emerging market are of significant interest to the EU. The programme of the Conference has been conceived as an opportunity to enrich and strengthen regional cooperation by providing a forum for exchange of opinions, sharing and mutual learning between stakeholders and experts from Europe and beyond. The event provides an opportunity for advanced and more experienced European partners to share their expertise and explore opportunities which new, enlarged Europe is ready to offer.

Apart from the central day which will gather together EC's renown speakers, financial experts and government representatives, several dedicated workshops will be held. One of them How to make your project bankable? is co-organised with Zagrebačka bank, a member of the UniCredit Banking Group and a leading bank in Croatia. Speakers from the financial sector will share their know-how on making your projects more attractive to financial investors.

More on the programme

Highlight of the central day will be ManagEnergy event financed by the European Commission and coinciding with the conference activities - leading European experts will voice their views in the area of ESCO financing and Energy Performance Contracting, followed by an afternoon session showcasing best EU practice examples in implementing sustainable energy projects. Between the two sessions – a well anticipated intermezzo – Croatian mighty bunch will gather yet again, featuring matchup of 10 Croatian mayors and prefects through a fierce interactive panel discussion.

Business clusters, as an important boost to regional economic development will open the programme of the second conference day – with European top of the crop sharing their stories. In the light of recent Croatian accession to the European Union, the use of Structural and Cohesion Funds will be discussed during the second session – representatives from Croatian government will present recently developed operational programmes related to energy and environment while countries like Great Britain, Slovenia and Poland will showcase their own experiences with using structural funds.

A section dedicated to biomass will air the views of IEA Bioenergy think tank and showcase the latest scientific trends in biomass market research. To wrap up  – the last session on innovative financing opportunities will feature impressive line-up of experts from EBRD, EIB, European Energy Efficiency Fund, European PPP Expertise Centre (EIB EPEC) - followed by an excursions to wine roads as famous trademark of Zagorje County combined with a visit to retrofitted castle Bracak – one of recent REGEA's projects.

An important pre-conference event taking place on 2nd October will certainly be the 2013 General Assembly of FEDARENE members (European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and Environment). This premier European network now gathers more than 65 members from 15 countries including regional and local agencies, ministries and regional authorities.

Target groups

  • Public and private sector interested in financing energy projects
  • Financial sector supporting development of energy projects
  • National and local decision makers, ministries, scientists and experts, energy agencies.


  • How to prepare and finance your energy project?
  • Innovative financing models
  • New cooperation opportunities – emerging market of SE Europe business sector meets advanced European partners
  • European ESCO and EPC markets
  • Clusters as the forefront of regional competitiveness
  • Credit lines and specialized funds for sustainable energy projects (EIB, EBRD, Deutsche Bank, EPEEF, GIZ ORF, FZOEU, HBOR)
  • Financing sustainable energy projects through EU Structural and Cohesion fund
  • Innovative financial instruments of the EU cohesion policy (ELENA, IEE MLEI PDA, EEE-F)
  • Croatian  perspective: decision makers exchanging views with regional and local authorities

Coinciding events

European Commission's ManagEnergy event on ESCO financing and Energy Performance Contracting

General Assembly of FEDARENE (European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and Environment)

IEA Bioenergy TASK 43 business meeting

National Training workshop of IEE project eReNET - How to finance your Sustainable Energy Action Plan?