Conference aims


Do you know how to initiate and obtain funding for energy projects?

How to start urban revitalization of your city?

What is Energy Performance Contracting?  What are ESCOs?

How to use innovations in energy sector as drivers of continued economic growth?

What are the frontrunners from Europe and Croatia currently developing? Meet the experts from leading financial institutions, expand your network and learn more about sector’s current status and future developments!

All these questions and a lot more will be covered and presented at the Sustainable Energy Finance and Investment Summit 2015 - CROENERGY2015 to be held in Zagreb on 17th September 2015 as part of the Zagreb Business Summit - Cities and Regions at the Zagreb Fair. The event is organized under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Croatia Mrs. Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović and supported by the European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and Environment – FEDARENE. With representatives of the European Commission and key Institutional partners of the Conference – The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, European Energy Efficiency Fund and Zagrebačka banka the topic of financing sustainable energy projects will be raised to the highest level.  

The Conference is conceived as a multi-stakeholder event that connects a wide range of key actors with a common goal of facilitating knowledge exchange, policy development and joint action towards a rapid transition to renewable energy and energy efficiency. Divided into a number of interactive panel sessions and specialized sections CROENERGY 2015 brings together various level governments, non-governmental organisations, research and academic institutions, financing institutions and industry actors to learn from one another and build on examples of successful energy projects and implemented policies.

The Conference has attracted renown speakers from the energy community to open the first section of the programme – Energy, Economy, Financing and provide answers to frequently asked questions we pose in the field of financing energy projects, the restoration of buildings in the cities and municipalities and to disclose relation between economic growth and clean energy investments.

Modernization of the energy infrastructure and energy efficiency represents the common interest of both public authorities and the private sector but also an opportunity to develop joint ventures in order to deliver, finance, and maintain a wide range of energy projects. Our next section Get inspired! - Good practice examples will include implemented projects of public and private partnerships related to energy efficiency and renewable energy, all in the context of meeting the demanding legislative frameworks.

Lack of public resources requires new approaches to investment by mobilising different stakeholders, developing project pipelines and creating the environment for attracting private investment. Even though shift to innovative financing is a priority of European and Croatian energy policy certain questions still persist and will be addressed by the national ministries, market regulators and financing institutions during our two dynamic panel sessions – Opportunities in innovations moderated by the renowned reporter and editor Mislav Togonal from the Croatian National TV.

Local and regional authorities have a key role in unlocking potentials of sustainable energy investments. A roundtable organized by the European Energy Efficiency Fund will highlight success stories from around the Europe, with leading energy experts sharing their thoughts on how to develop financially viable large-scale energy projects and enhance capacities of local authorities throughout the implementation process.

Fostering the environment in decision-making for sustainable development involves a number of changes that range from technical, political, institutional, and cultural. Our final session Energy for people will explore opportunities for engaging citizens in the policy making process and present available tools such as crowdfunding platforms that can be used for direct investments in concrete community projects..

Reserve your seat today and do not miss out on the energy event of the year!